Neil Simon's hilarious comedy bursts onto the stage!
A comedy by Neil Simon

Directed by Dustin Czarny
Performed for 9 Shows
April 18-May 3, 2014
Thursdays & Fridays 8pm Show,
Sunday April 27th 2pm Show,
Saturdays 6:30pm Dinner 8pm Show
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Performed at
our home in
3649 Erie Blvd E
Suite# B201  
Syracuse, NY 13214
Or call (315) 885-8960 to make reservations
(starting Mar 1, 2014)
Max Prince - Edward Mastin
Lucas Brickman - Dan Rowlands
Milt Fields - Lanny Freshman
Val Slotsky - Jim Magnarelli
Brian Doykle - Dustin M. Czarny
Kenny Franks - David Vickers
Carol Wyman - Gina Lynne Fortino
Helen - Crystal Rowlands
Ira Stone - Jim Uva


Director - Dustin M. Czarny
Stage Manager - Michelle Luzzii
Costumer - Capri Roach Merrifield
Props - Jennifer Reilly
Stage Design - Navroz N. Dabu
Lighting Design - Sarah Anson Rauscher
Plot:  Set in 1953, Neil Simon's "flat-out funniest play in years"
(Dennis Cunningham, CBS- TV) re-creates the mayhem, neuroses,
nonstop gags, and constant one-upmanship of a team of brilliantly
funny social misfits as they write The Max Prince Show, a weekly
variety program. Among the crew are Milt, the insult artist; Ira, the
hypochondriac whose dream is to have a virus named after him; and
Val, a Russian émigré‚ who takes a Berlitz course so he can curse
without an accent. They are devoted to their boss, Max, a comic
genius, a tyrant, and a paranoiac with a heart of gold. But his
penchant for tippling and popping too many pills is growing under the
pressures of a rising McCarthyism, network executives, and
sponsors who want him to cut back his "too-smart" show and staff so
that they can chase after the Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows
Best audience.
Dinner Menu:  
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Salad and Rolls
Located near Macy's, on 2nd floor, above Pet World.  
Doors open at 6:30 for dinners (1:30 for Sundays)

$34.95 Dinner & Show
(Saturdays only)
$20 Show Only
Thursdays & Sundays
$15 Show Only
Dinner service provided by
"CNY Playhouse’s
‘Laughter on the 23rd
floor’ a ‘skyscraper’ of a
comedy ....
Okay, they don’
t look Jewish — but the
actors in this amusing
retrospect on the mid-
1950s Sid Caesar TV
comedy series stack up
as tall as a NY-sized
pastrami sandwich"
-David Abrams,
Read entire review here
"Central New York Playhouse scores with Dabu's
"director Dustin Czarny keeps all the plates spinning
Central New York Playhouse scores with he
Central New
nicely if Dabu's York Playhouse
production is a reminder that second rate Neil
Simon is better than first rate almost anyone else."
Len Fonte,
Read entire review here
"As directed by Dustin M. Czarny, the production is
loud, filled with commotion, and perfectly
over-the-top. It offers a chance to witness comedic
acting at its finest....
Yet, this is not the case of an
ensemble cast of actors trying to one-up each other.
While all make valuable individual contributions,
way they play off of each other is also what makes
this production so superbly funny."
Natasha Ashley, New York Theatre Guide
Read entire review here
"Director-actor Czarny maintains a mood of fine
frenzy throughout, ...
.with Mastin, Rowlands, Uva,
Freshman and Magnarelli at the top of the game.
Navroz Dabu’s excellent late-art deco set and Capri
Merrifield’s period costumes
really take us back to
the Eisenhower age"
James MaCkillop, Syracuse Newtimes
Read entire review here
"Directed here by CNY Playhouse Artistic Director
shines in their respective roles, Uva eventually
stands out
. His entrance immediately enlivens the
proceedings "
Russ Tarby, Eagle Bul;letin
Read entire review here

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