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We are committed to providing ample opportunities for local performers to express
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pre-cast roles will be listed ahead of time.  Thank you for taking the time to
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Auditions for Night of the Living Dead
July 24th, 24th, 26th  2016 7pm
We are hosting open auditions for our Halloween show Night of the Living Dead. Director Dan Rowlands is looking to fill all roles. No
preparation is necessary as auditioners will be asked to read from the script. Night of the living Dead runs for 10 performances October
21 - November 5, 2016

All roles are open character descriptions are below:

Character Descriptions

Ben (m/30's) Ben is the hero of the story. He is intelligent, brave, and resourceful. (In the original movie Ben was portrayed by African
American stage actor Duane Jones, and while there are no references in the text to him being any particular race, Ben is considered to
be one of the earliest African American Heroes in film.)

Barbara (f/mid to late 20's) Barbara is an easily frightened and excitable young woman who witnesses her brother savagely murdered in
the beginning of the play, and spends most of the rest of the story in a catatonic state.

Harry Cooper (m/40-60) Harry is the human antagonist of the show. He is a miserable, selfish, coward who repeatedly buts heads with

Helen Cooper (f/40-60) Harry's wife. While Helen is not the insufferable coward that her husband is, her main concern is for their injured
daughter, and so she is hesitant to help at first.

Tom (m/late teens to early 20's) Tom is a brave and compassionate local boy who is eager to help any way he can. he is constantly stuck
in the middle of the rift between Ben and Harry.

Judy (f/late teens to early 20s) Tom's girlfriend. She is frightened, but also eager to help.

Johnny (m/mid to late 20's) Barbara's brother. Johnny is a mischievous trouble-maker.

Chief Mclelland (m/non-age specific) The gung-ho sheriff who's trying to keep a lid on the outbreak.

Dr. Grimes (m/ non-age specific) A scientific authority on human biology, particularly the human brain. (doubles as a deputy)

Bill Bardough (m/non-age specific) a television news anchor. (doubles as a deputy)

Zombies - there will be a 10-20 person zombie ensemble that pose the imminent threat to our band of survivors. Anyone wishing to
portray a zombie needn't come to auditions, but rather send a theater resume and headshot to Dan Rowlands at

Auditioners should visit to get specific character descriptions and specific audition instructions.