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We are committed to providing ample opportunities for local performers to express
themselves. All roles posted for audition will be open to all auditioners.  Any
pre-cast roles will be listed ahead of time.  Thank you for taking the time to
consider working with us.  We will also have an array of classes to learn your craft.
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Joint Auditions for 1776 & Evita
February 15, 16, & 17 2016 7pm
We are hosting joint auditions for our summer musicals 1776 (directed by Dustin Czarny) and Evita (directed by Abel Searor).

1776 runs for 10 performances June 17 - July 2, 2016.

Evita runs for 10 performances July 22 -  August 6, 2016.

All roles are open with the exception John & Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Martha Jefferson in 1776 and Che in

Please see audition instructions for each show below.
Evita Character Descriptions & Instructions

Certain characters will be asked to sing pieces from the show, sheet
music can be downloaded here.

Eva auditioners should be prepared to sing all or part of: A New
Argentina, Rainbow High, You Must Love Me.  Auditioners for Eva
should also be prepared to dance with Che and alone. Must wear
character shoes with heel for audition. Please come stretch and
ready to learn.

Peron auditioners should be prepared to sing all or part of: She Is a
Diamond or Dice are Rolling

Magaldi auditioners should be prepared to sing all or part of: On This
Night of a Thousand Stars

Mistress auditioners should be prepared to sing all or part of:
Another Suitcase in Another Hall

Ensemble auditioners should be prepared to learn a portion of
choreography as part of their audition. Please wear appropriate shoes
to move (character shoes or jazz flats)

Character Descriptions (The part of Che' has been precast)

Eva Peron Ambitious and enterprising woman who cunningly and
methodically advances from her small town existence to the heights of
political & social power. Dynamic singer with HUGE vocal and emotional
range whom is rarely off the stage.The show follows her from her small
town beginnings at age 15 to her rise to power and untimely death at
age 33. Actors auditioning for this role need to demonstrate a vast
emotional range from a sexually determined teenager to an extremely
charismatic and powerful woman with total belief in her ambition. Mezzo/
belter to high g. Must dance extremely well.

Juan Perón An officer in the Argentinean army who rises to
become the Argentine President. Dignified, sexy, charming, and
authoritative, Perón is a highly ambitious military figure who creates a
domineering and very powerful government administration - all with Eva’
s help. Publically confident and very aware of his own physicality, he is
also vulnerable and aware that he would be nowhere without his wife.
Requires a rich strong Baritone or low tenor. Must dance. Ages
from mid 40’s - late 50’s during the show.

Agustin Magaldi Tango Singer who is Eva’s first love interest. He is
Eva’s “ticket” from small town life to the excitement of Buenos Aires. A
confident performer - a crooner and a show man. Magaldi needs to be
bigger than life, but real at the same time.He will also appear in the
ensemble. Tenor. Some dance / movement required.

The Mistress Juan Perón’s young lover (mid to late teens) whom Eva
sends packing. Has a look of innocence, but with a grown up mind.
Vulnerable, but not completely naïve. Part of the ensemble. Mezzo/Alto.
Some dance/movement required.

ENSEMBLE: Seeking a broad range of males and females of all
ethnicities from late teens to 70s. Excellent singing voices in all ranges.
All types to play everything from Generals to Peasants. A fully featured,
versatile ensemble that helps define this world. Dancing required.

CHILDREN'S ENSEMBLE: Looking for 2 boys and 2 girls ages 7-14.
Must sing and be able to hold harmonies, act and move
moderately well. These young actors will be featured as well as
appearing in the ensemble at times.
1776 Character Descriptions & Instructions

All auditioners should prepare a 16 bar piece and be prepared if asked to
read from a script.

Character Descriptions (John & Abigail Adams, Ben Franklin, and Martha
Jefferson are cast)

Richard Henry Lee – (40s) Virginia aristocrat…ambling, enthusiastic and
gregarious buffoon, full of energy and charm almost to the point of being
overbearing (2 songs) Lyric baritone (C-G)

Edward Rutledge – (20s to 30) handsome, aristocratic and somewhat of a
dandy…languid and sinuous with leonine grace cloaking a barely concealed
force and fury (3 songs) (Eb-full voiced high Ab)

Thomas Jefferson – (30s) tall, bright red hair…soft-spoken, contemplative
and seemingly shy… quiet exterior masks an incisive mind (2 songs) Lyric
"baritenor" (C-G)

John Dickinson – (30s-40s) theatrical bursts of energy…stylish man of
property, enjoys the good life… fiercely articulate champion and proponent
of his class (2 songs) (range can vary)

John Hancock – (30s-40s) caustic when irritated, intelligent but bored with
the daily affairs of Congress (3 songs) (range can vary)

be flexible but within the suggested ages of the historical character)

Dr. Josiah Bartlett (46), Stephen Hopkins (69), Roger Sherman (55), Robert
Livingston (60), Lewis Morris (50), Rev. John Witherspoon (53), James
Wilson (33), Caesar Rodney (48), Col. Thomas McKean (41–Scottish
accent), George Read (43), Samuel Chase (35– portly), Joseph Hewes (46),
Dr. Lyman Hall (52), Charles Thomson (47), McNair (50), Courier (15-25)
and Leather Apron (age to be determined).  Some chorus only roles (male)
may be available.